With new research indicating that smartphone users spend an average of 4.7 hours on their devices daily, one must wonder why there has not been an increase in production of physical structures that will help support the human body in this journey to connect globally through their phone.

It has probably happened to you.
You have been at an event, school, a social gathering or an art fair.
Your face is tired from communicating with others IRL and your body is tired from standing up straight.
You take out your phone to check your e-mails or likes and find your body instantly slumping over your device, text-neck at a record high degree.
The human body slumped over their phone in public needs to be addressed at this critical moment in time.

Slumpies are a post-posture sculptural solution that leans towards an idea of function, relieving the human form of the duty of supporting it’s own neck while acknowledging our ever-increasing relationship with mankind's best invention.

*Slumpies will emit wifi and charge certain phones during specific hours when on display in galleries.

Please check with the venue before planning a visit for wifi.

Project Statement:

are a sculptural body of work presented as useful,
utilitarian objects. Their existence is justified by marketing tropes
offering a practical solution to the contemporary world of cell
phone-dependent humans cum “post-posture” persons.

However, the clumsily rendered and bulky execution of the Slumpies is
anything but practical and in direct conflict with their conceptual
promises. In reconciling the ad-speak with the physicality of the
actual objects, we discover their temporality and explore our own
condition in this modern paradigm.